Muskegon County Environmental Update 

Dune Harbor Park 

Phase 1

Dune Harbor Park was a unique once in a lifetime opportunity for the County to create a public park with hundreds of wooded acreage, inland lakes, and over 200 feet of Lake Michigan frontage. This was done through the hard work and partnership between the County of Muskegon, the Land Conservancy of West Michigan, and the owners of Nugent Sand. I am proud to have supported this great project. 

Pioneer County Park

Improvements are on the way!

Pioneer Park is one of the County parks that has recently been approved to receive much needed improvements and we will start providing regular updates of the progress soon!

Thank you to all the Muskegon Rotary Club volunteers that helped clean up Pioneer Park this Spring!  

North Side Water Improvements

Major Infrastructure Project!

After years of planning this major project has finally been realized. The new water main will transport water from the Muskegon water filtration plant to northern Muskegon County and also allow the Muskegon State Park to hook into the municipal water system. This was a major undertaking and an important step to improve a critical part of infrastructure. 

Causeway Veteran Park

Pride In Our Community

Ultimately, the quality of our parks reflect our character as a community. We all must make an effort to do a better job at keeping our parks clean, accessible, and in good condition for future generations. With the cooperation of local government officials we have begun to address needed maintenance at Veteran Memorial Park that included getting the fountain up and running for the 4th of July! 

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