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One of the main reasons I am  running for this position is that I was made aware of the increased  spending by the County and lack of sound fiscal management.

This has contributed to a deficit and increased taxes while not making the right decisions with wasteful spending.

Muskegon County has not adjusted its spending levels and tax rates to the local economy and needs to redefine priorities and encourage a solid tax base.


We have some amazing areas in Muskegon. It is more than simply our beautiful natural resources. It is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we grow food on, and the neighborhoods we live in.

These key systems need our protection and stewardship as they sustain both our people and economy in Muskegon County.

We also need to take care and maintain the resources and facilities we have for now and future generations. 


Principles of an Open Government are transparency, Participation & Collaboration.

Recent events by the current Board and in the past have not held to these principles which is the basis of our democracy.

Government officials work for you and represent their constituents. I fully intend to encourage, demand and stand by these principles.


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